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I stumbled onto Frontend Mentor a couple of weeks ago and I've finally gotten around to doing a challenge.

Frontend Mentor is a website that streamlines the process for practicing front end developers to create real projects. I've spent a lot of time lately working with Material Design/Material-UI and I felt like some of my CSS skills were getting rusty. I'd been using MD because it kept me from spending hours and hours trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to position components. Frontend Mentor does the same thing by giving me an already thought out design.

For my first challenge I went with one of the "Newbie" designated designs just to see what it was all about. And I can say that I love it and will be doing more of these. The downloaded file gave me all the images and font choices and the colors that I needed to create the design.

All I had to do was copy and paste it into my Gatsby hello-world starter and get to work creating components.

Check out the Design!

And my (not quite finished) Result!

Hoping to get to doing another one soon where I walk through my process of breaking the project down into parts and getting started.

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